Benefits and Features


Key Benefits

Univue is a powerful tool that will return dividends many times over very quickly. With its low initial cost, coupled with an even lower cost of operation, your Return On Investment will be staggering. Also, you will notice a vast improvement in the way business is conducted in every corner of your operations.

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Benefits & Features


With very little training, everyone can be up to speed with Univue because of its intuitive user interface. Even with all the different functions available, it is very easy navigate the series of menus to find exactly what you're looking for. All forms are designed to minimize data entry burdens.

Existing data can be easily and quickly searched using a powerful search engine.


Univue is organized into functional groups or "departments" that define everything that goes on within your organization on a daily basis.


Univue is simple to maintain because it does not rely on a single person to manage it. It is based on a community of individual users updating the information they are in control of as they are using it. Of course, a pre-assigned administrator can control how the data is distributed and displayed, but the burden of managing the content is not placed on any one individual.

Key Benefits


Univue's UI is browser based, so there are no special client software to purchase and maintain.

  • Training time and cost is greatly minimized.
  • Productive in no time.
  • Indispensable for everyday use.
  • Dramatically reduce cost on software and annual licensing cost.

Univue is simple, real-world Cloud Computing at its best.

  • Access any information from anywhere and anytime, using any device.
  • Built-In features like voice input, photo upload, barcode scanning, spell-checking and more.
  • Eliminate delays and issues with Univue

Univue is a real-time information/document gateway.

  • Push or pull any valuable information.
  • Information in the system can be available to anyone immediately.
  • Immediately email or text anyone about new information or events.
  • All this leads to increased productivity for everyone.

Univue helps your users and departments to work closely together, no matter where they are.

  • All common information is linked to other related information and even to existing company databases like CAD
  • No more duplicate data entry, and islands of informations that don't talk to each other
  • Improved overall operations, and bottom line increased profitability for the entire organization

Key Features

Univue is ready to use out the gate with built-in forms and functions that are common to most organizations. The system is targeted around providing easy-to-use tools that help to organize day-to-day operations within each department.

Document storage and retrieval is a snap.

Any type of document can be stored in the system using simple built-in file upload screens. All documents are indexed and stored in a common database, and categorized by function. Key words can be added to make content searching quicker and more exact.

Information at your fingertips, wherever, whenever.

Attached documents along with a powerful back-end database allows for a quick and flexible method of obtaining all the relevent information to make your decisions. Multiple windows capability frees up the user from having to switch between screen or worse, software to software.

Document and Automate key business processes.

Many processes within an organization have no convenient method of documentation, or for that matter communication. Take for example field service reports... When a technician returns from a service call, he usually completes a trip report by hand (or Word doc), and submits it to his boss for review. Maybe this document makes its way to other people that could benefit from it, and maybe not. Using Univue, the technician would fill in the report on-line, and immediately, anyone designated would getnotified. Hence, if a salesman has a trip or call planned with the customer, he would not be in the dark. This is just one example of the many types of documentation and automation tools included in the base system. Of course, any custom processes can be easily added as well. The added benefit of process documentation in Univue is the powerful search capability. Down the line, when a similar issue comes up again, you are able to quickly and easily search the vast database of prior reports to find exactly what you need to help with the current issue. How many times have you been in a situation where you generally remembered doing something in the past, but couldn't remember the subtle details if your life depended on it? Now extend this to other people in the organization that would benefit from this same information, and you have a complete solution to documentation and communication.