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    Features that bridge the gap between departments and silos of information

    Univue is ready to use out the gate with built-in forms and functions that are common to most organizations.

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    Using easy navigable menus, any user is able access any information that is available to him or her without having to hunt through all the different places information can be scattered about.

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What is Univue?

Univue is a simple cloud based system that ties together all the fragmented bits of information scattered throughout an organization into a single easy-to-use platform. Usually, there's more than enough information floating around to help everyone do their jobs, but not enough organization and methodology to efficiently access and share the data between people and departments. Univue is more than a document management system or project manager- it's a Complete Business Information Organization System.


In a typical company, each department has specialized software that allows employees to perform their job, whether it is CAD in Engineering, CAM in Manufacturing, MSOffice in the Front Office, or ERP every-where.

Most of these programs were probably selected because they were deemed to be "Best in Class" or at least the ideal tool for the job. Undoubtedly, most of the data generated by all these programs is crucial to business operations, but sharing this data from one department to another is usually a challenge.

Also, there are lots of information that falls through the cracks between these programs because they just were not meant to handle it. Many of these shortcomings are handled with individual spreadsheets, Word documents, and sometimes custom databases, but the bottom line is that most of this information is very hard to share. Hence, Univue was developed to "bridge the gap" between departments and all their related bits of information.

Key Benefits

Univue is a powerful tool that will return dividends many times over very quickly. With its low initial cost, coupled with an even lower cost of operation, your Return On Investment will be staggering. Also, you will notice a vast improvement in the way business is conducted in every corner of your operations.

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Cloud Computing

Univue is simple, real-world Cloud Computing
at its best.

Down to Earth

You've heard about Cloud Computing, and all its glory, but Univue brings this to your organization today. All your users will be able to access any information, from anywhere, using any device, anytime. Armed with this easy access to information, every member of your organization will be empowered and more productive.

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Univue helps your users and departments to work closely together, no matter where they are.


Since all the information is stored in a central database, common information is linked to other related information, and even to existing company databases like CAD, Accounting or ERP. No more duplicate data entry, and no more islands of information that don't talk easily talk to each other.

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Easy to Use

User interface is browser based, so it is very easy to use, and there are no special client software to purchase and maintain.


Using any browser, the user is able interact with the system in a familiar format, so training time and cost is greatly minimized. This means that everyone will be productive in no time, making the system an indispensable tool for every-day use. What's more, you will dramatically reduce the cost of doing business.


Univue is a simple but powerful cloud application that can run on any Microsoft Web Server. It is comprised of many applications rolled into one allowing easy access to all your data from any internet connection. Using simple technology such as HTML, ASP.net, VBScript, Javascript and Access, the system can be easily customized to suit your individual needs.

Furthermore, because of the open architecture design, you can easily integrate your existing software that supports ODBC connectivity. Even if you have software that uses proprietary databases, we can integrate into them as well.

Even more stuff.

Univue is simple to implement in a matter of days because of its simple design. Many of your existing data can be easily imported into Univue, or can be linked from where they are. We also offer data conversion, import and data entry services to speed up your implementation. Many customers find the included functions adequate for their use without any modification. However, we can help you on any customization after initial implementation. Modification to the code and database can be done while users are on-line, so there is no risk of downtime.

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Technical Info


Univue is a simple but powerful web application that can run on any Microsoft Web Server.


Univue is simple to implement in a matter of days because of its simple design. Many of your existing data can be easily imported into Univue.


Univue is protected by several layers of security to protect all your valuable information and files.

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